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Monday, December 20

kevzo8.blogspot.com, now signing off.

So, yeah. It has been a year since my last update in this blog. I have many plans for my posts, but none of them have been published; so I might as well keep them as drafts and place them at the deepest part of my dashboard. I believe that there are things that must be put to a point of farewell when all things are said and done; and I guess, I have already reached the climax. This blog has served as my historical record of my existence; while few of them are happy moments, most of them are some sort of rants and sad stuffs, which were published as a result of my immaturity. Now, I am all grown up and have had full understanding of the reason behind my stupid posts. Screw you, Puberty. I just laugh at them; seemingly can't believe I wrote them. At times, some posts here make me cry for no apparent reason, whether sweet or fun memories. Nevertheless, you can still view my older posts and reminisce the moment if ever you took part of that certain circumstance in my high school year. Be proud.

Everything comes to an end. Goodbye to you all. I'm glad for having this blog as a medium for sharing my experiences and thoughts as a high school student, which is inevitably, the most memorable part of my life. Thank you for all those who patronized and wasted their time for reading my posts. Thank you. Thanks to you all.

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